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Custom S.L.A.M. Logo Pop Socket

Custom S.L.A.M. Logo Pop Socket

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A PopGrip is everything you never knew you needed for your phone. It’s a handy grip! It's a stand for your phone! Most importantly, it’s a chance for you to show off S.L.A.M. in a million different ways.

The Details

  • Custom grip for your smartphone
  • Gives you more to hold onto while you use your phone, reducing the risk of everyone's biggest fear – the dreaded screen smash

Materials & Care

  • PopGrips are made from polycarbonate, TPU, and polyurethane, and are composed of three parts: 
    • The Base: the circular part that sticks to your phone
    • The Accordion: the collapsible piece 
    • The PopTop: the designed top portion of the PopGrip
  • PopGrips can be un-stuck and re-stuck to surfaces an unlimited number of times
  • If the sticky gel on the back of your PopGrip gets dirty, just give it a quick rinse and let it dry
  • Remember, your PopGrip shouldn't be exposed to air for more than 10 minutes or the gel will dry out
  • PopGrips are designed to expand and collapse 12,000 times before calling it quits
  • PopGrips will not stick to silicone, leather, highly textured, or waterproof surfaces. They also will not stick to iPhone 11 or 12 models without a suitable case


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